Eyes of Anne Frank

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Ciao Bella, sono Traci :) Sono una ragazza della citta a cuore. Desidero a orthodontist. I miei amici sono tutto. Familiarizzisi con me. Potrei appena essere il vostro amico. Gradico i sorrisi e sorridere. La risataè la migliore medicina. Il vetro è sempre a metà pieno nei miei occhi. La mia famiglia significa il mondo a me ed a voi non può cambiare quello. È tempo di affondare o nuotare La vita succhia, ottiene un casco. OH! E sono nell'amore con Steve. :)


Recommended brush set?


Some brush sets I recommend are

Sonia Kashuk brush sets from Target, they are affordable and always come out with new sets! They also have a great starter eye brush kit for $12.

Real Techniques has great brush sets for around $20 each. Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, Walgreens or online!  

ELF makes a brush set of all their $3 studio brushes for $30, not the highest quality brushes but great for the price! Available online only at eyeslipsface.com

Sedona Lace makes great quality brush sets, professional quality. More on the pricey side but a GREAT investment. Can buy them online here.

Sigma makes fab quality brush sets, professional quality. Also more on the pricey side but totally worth the investment if makeup is something you take seriously and do often. They make many different sets ranging from eyes to face to a mixture of both. Can buy them online here.

"There is no shame in being hungry for another person. There is no shame in wanting very much to share your life with somebody."

-Augusten Burroughs (via forever-and-alwayss)

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